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Yantra Holistic Therapies is a healing space for nurturing life and wellness. We approach each client with compassion, creating a clear path for their recovery. Yantra works within the Reiki principles:

– Just for today, do not worry;

– Just for today do not anger;

– Just for today be grateful;

– Just for today do your work honestly;

– Just for today be kind to every living thing.

Silvia Almeida

Silvia Almeida

Holistic Therapist
She is a Brazilian integrative health professional focused on mindfulness.



Silvia is a Brazilian integrative health professional focused on mindfulness. Her journey goes from mindful nutrition to energy healing.
Silvia is qualified in Social Sciences, Mindful Nutrition, Astrology and Reiki. She is a native Portuguese speaker, and she is now working on her English and Italian skills.


Reiki is one of the therapies that she studied to help herself and others, she believes that looking after ourselves is essential and self-kindness is equally as important as a kindness to others. Reiki is a form of energy healing and welcomes people from all religions and cultures backgrounds.


She is a member of Reiki NZ Inc.


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