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Reiki course level 1 on request
Learning Reiki is a life-changing experience. There are no pre requisites to learn Reiki. It is one of the simplest and safest self-healing Japanese techniques you can learn today and is becoming an increasingly popular way to naturally heal yourself or others, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and also boost immunity and provide extraordinary relaxation and balance to your life.
Reiki course level 2 on request
The second level of Reiki increases the strength of the Practitioner’s Reiki and primarily the initiation enabled the manipulation of the Reiki energy through the use the three of Energy Patterns or symbols which are used in advanced Reiki. These symbols can be used as “tools” to perform many tasks including: (sending Reiki to treat people at a distance, developing intuition, providing protection to self and others, accelerating personal growth, potentizing energy fields etc).
Reiki course level 3A on request
Initiation & Master Degree actives the ‘Initiator’ potential and is one of the most powerful Initiations know precipitating the rise in the Kundalini energy of the body. It is mainly taught for Personal Growth. These Reiki Practitioners are regarded as Ambassadors. They have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Reiki and can give the first Reiki “Attunement” or “Initiation”. This enables them to introduce people to Reiki and give “booster” Attunements to Reiki Practitioners as well as use the Attunement as a powerful addition to treatments.
Reiki course level 3B on request
Reiki Master Teacher 3B Training cover a number of weeks or months – the training is tailored to suit YOU, your work and home life, your learning and integration and practice as you move through every level in a structured, comprehensive and happy way. Your Usui Reiki Master Teacher training is a profound, practical and personal spiritual Journey for you. The focus is on supporting you to love, enjoy and share more of your own connection to the Reiki energy and power, to deepen your respect, knowledge, experience, practice and skills to be a Traditional and teach Usui Reiki competently and as a natural expansion and to share your knowledge professionally to the highest standards with your students.

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