Reiki full body session
Reiki is a powerful self care tool, a meditative hand-on practice that helps a wide range of health relaxation.
Reiki on babies
Comforts babies to reduce crying and fussing in a way that quiets the house and calms distraught parents. Simply watching a baby relax.
Reiki on plants
Anything living has ki, life-energy, flowing through it. Reiki can be used on the plant itself, starting at the roots, but can also be used on soil, seeds or the water put on plants.
Reiki on animals
It is a safe holistic complement to conventional medicine. The pet will experience a deep state of peace as reiki: Clears imbalances.
Reiki by distance
Reiki by distance
Reiki for Pregnants
Reiki is safe during the pregnancy, and through its calming and relaxing effects on the mother, it helps create a loving and balanced space for the child to grow.
Therapeutic Oracle
Therapeutic Tarot helps us to understand that we are the creators of our destiny. Both in health and in all areas of our lives, we have responsibility over our choices. Health, Love, Professional Fulfillment, Prosperity, Future and Destiny are the Universe's responses to our actions.



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